​Kungfu noodle restuarant

Tourist Banquet
Meal for 1:  $13

烧鸡盖饭( roasted chicken on rice )

任意一瓶汽水( any soft drink )
Meal for 2: $28

任意两款烩面(any two kungfu noodles)

一份葱油饼(spring onion pizzas) $28
Meal for 4: $60

新疆大盘鸡小份(sensational spicy chicken serve with noodles)

凉拌黄瓜(cucumber salad)+10串羊肉串(10 lamb kebabs)

鱼香茄子(sautéed eggplant in spicy garlic sauce) 
Meal for 8: $108

 松鼠鱼(sweet&sour blue cod)

水煮肉片(beef in hot and spicy sauce)

醋溜土豆丝(sweet and sour potato)

蒜茸小白菜(bok choy with garlic sauce )

蒜香拆骨肉(lamb with garlic sauce)

口水鸡(spicy marinated chicken slices)

小葱拌豆腐(spring onion with tofu)

爽口木耳(black fungus salad)

一份冰花锅贴(any 1 pan fried dumplings)